Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Q and A ---) Annulment in the Philippines


Q: What documents do I need to submit for the proceeding of my annulment case?
A: You will have to submit the following documents to your Lawyer:
1. An authenticated copy of your marriage certificate (NSO Copy)
2. An authenticated copy of the birth certificates of your children (NSO Copy)
3. Marital History

Q: Can we file for an annulment in the Philippines while working abroad (OFW)or even living abroad?
A: Yes, you can file your annulment while working overseas (OFW)nor living overseas but you have to go back to our Country for the Psychiatrist Evaluation and Pre-trial to testify.

Q: How much does the annulment procedure cost?
A: It cost for about PHP140K Annulment Package for Non-complicated Case - this includes filing, civil registry and NSO Ammendment, non-appearance hearing, psychiatrist, etc. It is also depends mainly on how easy or hard your case is. Complicated Case would be Additional cost.

Q: What is the best city in the Philippines to file my petition of annulment?
A: Some of the annulment cases must be done within the Province Area for fast annulment result. It's came from the other parties who have gone the same procedure as I did last two years.

Q: How long does it take to get an annulment?
A: At least six months... it depends on the procedure how hard or easy your case is.


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